Roku Device Setup Process at Home

It’s very easy to Setup Roku at home using simple steps.

Step 1. How to Connect Roku

The first user needs to find HDMI Port, which should be available on TV and plug the ROKU device in that Port, If unable to connect Roku device with TV then the user can use HDMI extender cable.
Use the TV remote and press the input button over the remote and press the source button as well, to target the Same input which is used by the Roku device.
Step 2. Power Up Roku Streaming Device
First,  Insert the batteries into the remote and check if the green lights should be flashing. Then after the user needs to power on the Roku stick using USB power cable either user can connect USB with TV directly or also connect it with an AC power adapter with wall electricity. Then the Roku logo appears on TV Screen. After the Roku logo, the user needs to select the language according to the location.
Step 3. Connect with Wifi Network
To connect the WiFi network with Roku Streaming Device, the user needs to select a home WiFi network and enter the network security key, if it will connect successfully then Roku player software will update with the latest features automatically.
Step 4. Activate Roku Player
To Activate Roku Player, go online and login with email and password. Then after entering the pin generated by the Roku streaming device.  Users can add and subscribed channels in the Roku account. Just sit back relax and start watching the Roku channel on TV.