The 2 best Roku express HD and media player get on Amazon

We talk about Roku devices such as Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player. This device is the best selling Roku device on Amazon. Its retail price in the market is $ 30. You can buy it easily.

We would advise you that if you are thinking of getting a good streaming media device on the occasion of this Christmas, then this is a good time. Because it is available on Amazon for just $ 24.

And if you want a major upgrade with 4K resolution and HDR content, the Roku Streaming Stick is available for only $ 43.99 instead of + $ 60.

Roku Express HD

Streaming  Platform: Roku Express is a device that lets you stream free, live and premium TV online. It is useful for all users.

Setup Process: - To set up Roku Express you will need two things.

1. High-Speed HDMI Cable
2. Internet Connection

Pricing:- Roku express+ provides at low cost, no extra fees to all users. you can access free and live streaming channels anytime, anywhere. Its price will be under $24 in the USA.

Simple and easy remote: Roku remote easy, portable and incredible with good features. you can watch popular streaming channels to use their buttons.

Enjoy and watch free TV channels: all Roku users can watch movies, 24/7 news, shows, Stream live TV, web series, sports, and episodes on the Roku channels.

Roku Streaming Stick+

All Roku device provides disney+ and apple TV is streaming service.
Picture quality: All Roku users can watch live streaming in 4K, HDR and HD quality.
Setup process: you can plug the cable into TV, then connect to the internet. it's that very easy and simple.
Watchfully entertainment: you can watch free entertainment and live streaming like movies, web series, drama, news, TV episodes and more.

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Got a new Roku? Here’s how to set it up

Roku launched a new device like a streaming stick plus and Roku ultra box. Roku product knows in the market and based on their performance and good price.

we provide easy steps for the new Roku device set up process.

Step 1: Plugin to HDMI and power

First, connect your Roku device like a streaming stick or a box. After this, connect the USB power cable to the streaming stick plus plug it into the HDMI slot of Roku TV.

The volt power of the USB input on your TV must be at least 5 volts. Which gives your stick a better performance.

If your streaming stick is not able to access the HDMI port of the TV, then you can use the HDMI extender.

Now select the input of the new Roku plugged into the TV and turn on your TV.

Step 2: Pair the remote

In this step, you will have to prepare the interface of Roku. So that the user has no problem in viewing. For this, you should pair the remote with Roku.

Step 3: Going through the process

you will be asked to connect to wifi. Just except Roku Ultra box or if you plugged in via Ethernet, you will not need to connect.

Display on your TV
After the update is processed, an HDMI connection image will appear on your screen and the TV will auto-detect, you have to click ok, go to automatic.
TV control setup
To control the TV, you need a remote with a Roku, so you can install it now.
With this, you can easily sync the volume and power control with the TV.
Click OK and follow the instructions.
Linking your Roku account
You have to link the Roku account with your device so that you can use it easily.
You go to through a web browser on a computer, smartphone or tablet. After this, you will see the code displayed on the TV and enter it.

How to create a Roku account using the website or mobile app?

Roku account is created in two ways, first on the Roku website and second by using Roku mobile app and it is easily created.

The Roku account is used when you set up and activate the Roku device and watch the Roku channel. After creating a Roku account, you can enjoy the Roku channel on a smart TV, computer and phone.

Roku account set up process very easy. you can follow it's instruction and setup for configuring your Roku device.
For this, you can visit the website and create a Roku account. or install the mobile app.

 How to create a Roku account in a www browser

1. Visit this link
2.  Now, this step you need to create an account.
3. Fill your account details.
4. Click to continue for a complete account.

How to create a Roku account using the mobile application.

  •  To create a Roku account on mobile, download and install the Roku app.
  •  Open the Roku app.
  •  Click on the "more" tab section.
  •  Click on "create a free account".
  •  Before click on the "submit" button, you fill the device and account information and details.

How to connect your Roku device to Google Assistant?

Connect Roku to google assistant and control voice commands.

If you have a device of Google Nest or if you have a Google Assistant app on your phone, then you can control voice from Google to Roku Media Player.

After setting up the media player, you can easily control all functions, manage like play, pause, fast forward/backward, start channels, search by genre, adjust volume, and more.

you can use it as an option. And one important information, not all channels from Google Assistant can have voice control like Netflix.

Step by step guide for how to connect your Roku media player to Google Assistant.

  • Open the Google Assistant app.
  • Go to “Devices” Menu to open the Devices tab.
  • Now, add your device page.
  • Go to and press “Link a smart home device.”
  • This step needs to log in Roku account, then press “Accept and Continue” to give permission to Google to connect to the Roku.
  • You have completed all steps then click “Link to the Google app.” Then you can enjoy it.

How to Setup Roku Device | Roku Activation code by

Roku device setup is a very easy task. Same as Roku activation, the installation process is too easy. But before it’s set up we need these things ready so we will never face any issue during the Roku setup.

  • Roku Device
  • Smart T/V but HDMI port should be there. 
  • A good internet speed Roku Device.
  • A desktop or Laptop.
Now first connect your Roku device from your T/V’s HDMI port. Roku devices come with a USB port so you can also power ON your Roku from USB power.

You can connect a USB cable from your T/V to the Roku device. Now first connect your Roku device from your T/V’s HDMI port.

Use your T/V’s remote and select your HDMI port where your Roku device is connected.

the First option will be their select language so we need to select our English language here.

After that, it will ask you to select a network like wireless or wired.

Now you need to select your wifi from here .after that it will ask you to type your wifi password or network key, So type your password here.

Select it and type your password and press ok. Now your Roku device is connected with the internet.

If you do not have a wifi network then you have only one option as the select wired network. You need to connect your router to your Roku device. 

Next Roku will ask you to update your device software. It will take time as per Internet speed. now your device is almost ready to use.

Now you can check your Roku remote and check volume or display setting or other settings. Now Next step is very important, As we need to activate our Roku device. Roku will show you A Unique Activation code.

Now go to your computer and open the website as and it will ask you to type your activation code. Type your Roku activation code which is displayed on your T/V.

log in to our Roku account or create our Roku account. If you already have a Roku account then log in here else create your Roku account. Now go to your computer and open the website as

It will ask you to fill a form like your name email id password so you need to submit all details and login into your Roku account. 

What is is an activation code for installing and setup the Roku device. This link is an official link provided by Roku company. We can manage our Roku account in this When you will log in into your account many options are there like.

PIN Preference

Add a pin number to protect your Unauthorized transaction in the Roku account. Whenever you want to add or remove channel in Roku channel store it will ask you PIN number,So if any other person will try to add any channel and if he do not know pin number he can not add any channel in your Roku account It will save you money because Roku will not give you any refund even you by mistakenly bought any channel.

Payment Method

You can pay from a debit card, credit card or even from PayPal or you can change payment mode any time according to your convenience.

Deactivate Account

You can manage your account in this section As if you want to deactivate your account you can do here. 

Manage your subscriptions

If you want to cancel any active subscription you can use this option. It’s mean if you do not want to watch anyone or more Channel you can cancel at any time from here. You can see how many devices you are using.


You can manage network settings from here. If you change your wifi password and your router is changed you can correct settings from this option.

Change Email ID or Password

Login in your Roku account and in Account Information section click on update option and change email id or password as you want and save it.

Get rid off Roku’s Marketing Email

Open any Roku newsletter related email which is in your email and bottom side one option should be there Unsubscribe so hit on it.