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Enter your Roku activation code and enable your Roku stream device or TV. Best for all device this link going to be used else search step by step in Roku Installation and Setup Guide.
Before you buy the Roku device just check Roku Express and Streaming Stick+, What they do and how they do work. Complete Guide that going to help Roku Activation Problems and Setup related help at your place.
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Roku Player Online Setup Guide enables users to setup Roku at their homes by themselves. If you are fond of watching the latest free movies, latest serials, and online shows on TV, they are welcome to set up Roku player and let's enjoy the services of Roku player brings to you. It is easy to set up on your TV and after that, you can watch different shows and movies without paying extra. is giving useful steps for setup Roku:-

Select your connection which you want to use HDMI/Composite/ Component and plug the wires as per the color given on these ports.

Determine appropriate network connection is very essential Wired/Wireless. If you select wired then You just have to connect the Roku to your Ethernet Network Cable. If you select wireless then make sure to remember about your network name and its security password.

Connect the power adapter into the Roku player and then your Roku player will boot up after showing some commands it will show “Welcome to Roku player”. It will display two options on the screen to choose either Wired or Wireless network.

Proceed further by applying appropriate steps on it and after that, the Roku player will automatically download and install all essential software and the player will reboot again.
Follow all the screen instructions and it will lead to the activation of your Roku. also provides the Roku Player Online Setup Guide via online tech support. They have a team of well-qualified technicians that are Microsoft certified and capable to solve any activation Bug. They are available 24/7 for 365 days which is suitable for any time zone. For more details regarding their services call at +1-855-278-8730 and get the latest plans and information regarding Roku.

About Roku link code-Activate

If we talk about today's scenario, then there come many technologies that are entirely innovative and useful for peoples.

Roku is one of the most specific brands of video streaming device. It is easy to connect and operate as compared to other devices.

Now you can easily play movies, your favorite television programs, favorite channels from various sources around the web.

To Activate Roku, the only need is to install it.

It's a simple process to follow, once you installed Roku then, you need to create an account after that you will receive an activation link code on your If you want to be more convenient, then you can also create an account at, but the process will be the same as it provides you with the link.

It will take a few minutes to set all the channels, and after that, you can enjoy your favorite channels without any disruptions.

If you find any difficulty in the activation of code, then our best technicians will help you to set aside all hassles.

1. Check your audio/video connection that whether they are available in your TV is HDMI, component or composite type.

2. Using a cable wire connect the Roku player to your TV.

3. Check you have a wireless network or wired network.

4. The wireless connection needs a user name and password, whereas the wired network carries a physical cable connection to the Roku player.

5. Make sure that your power adapter is connected

6. Click to the power button to reach the setup screen.

7. If it is asked for network option, choose the appropriate option to connect to the internet.

8. It functions as the same as the computer when it is done with the installation or downloading process it will reboot automatically and again displays the start-up screen.

​9. Open your computer and type and fill out the unique code displayed by the Roku player and click submit.

10. After login set up a payment method, you can also do channel customization here.

11. Now, this completes the linking process, and it will display a congratulations screen.

12. Now your Roku device is ready to use.

If you require any assistance in any of the above steps, Kindly make a call to our toll-free number.

​Get complete Guide activation code Step by Step

Now first connect your Roku device from your T/V’s HDMI port and connect your Roku to a power source. Now use your T/V’s remote and select your HDMI port where your Roku device is connected. When it will detect, the First option will be there select language so we need to select our English language here. After that, it will ask you to select a network like wireless or wired.

If you have wifi network then Roku will start to find your wifi network and it will show you a list of the available wifi network name. If it will not work then select “Scan again to see all network “and try to find your wifi again.

Now you need to select your wifi from here .after that it will ask you to type your wifi password or network key, So type your password here. In this process, one option is also there as a show password. It's mean if you have your complex network password it can be very hard to type correct password because we are not used to typing a password from remote. So select it and type your password and press ok. Now your Roku device is connected with the internet.

If you do not have a wifi network then you have only one option as the select wired network. You need to connect your router to your Roku device, For that, you need to arrange an Ethernet cable and you need to connect this cable from router to your Roku device.

Next Roku will ask you to update your device software. If any new software update will be available. You need to update it first. It will take time as per Internet speed. Now your device is almost ready to use. Now you can check your Roku remote and check volume or display setting or other settings.

Now Next step is very important, As we need to activate our Roku device. Roku will show you A Unique Activation code. You can note it down.

Now go to your computer and open the website as and it will ask you to type your activation code. Here you need to type your activation code which is displayed on your T/V. after submitting the activation code it will ask us to login in our Roku account or create our Roku account. If you already have Roku account then log in here else create your Roku account.

It will ask you to fill a form like your name email id password so you need to submit all details and login in your Roku account after login in our Roku account, we need to provide payment information like credit card information or PayPal and after that our Roku will be activated.

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