How to Set Up Your New Roku Device

How Setup Roku with

Roku Setup Device

To set up the Roku device using, firstly turn on the TV using remote control and follow the instruction.
The setup of Roku TV runs only a single time. If a user wants to set up Roku TV again then they have to factory reset the Roku streaming stick.
The lights blink every time when you turn on the TV. It means tv is doing something maybe it’s getting ready. After turn on Tv, you will get the Roku Logo screen after then you can get a language option over there. You need to select the preferred language you want. using the up and down button on the remote control, you can select the language and then press the ok button.
Some Roku models have country selection features also if you want you can use that option or you can skip also.
Then we can go to the next screen that is set up for home use. This is every user’s choice to enjoy entertainment.
After selecting the setup for home use then Roku tv reaches you to the next option that is a network connection. You can connect your TV with both wired and wireless connections both. You can connect your Ethernet cable on your TV.
If you will select wifi connection then Roku TV will appear all available wireless connection and you need to select your wireless connection. Some of the Roku TV models have wireless connection only and some have both wired and wireless. After selecting your wireless connection you need to enter your network security key using an on-screen keyboard on Roku TV.
  • After successfully connected it will prompt you to change zone settings, in these settings you need to change your time zone from the list.
  • After connecting your TV with the Internet it will download and install the software update and your Roku TV will Restart.
  • We have connected with the Internet now time to activate Roku TV so for that you need to open using your computer.
  • If you have already an account then you can log in to your Roku TV account using your valid email address and password if you don’t have Roku TV online account then you have to create an account so you can activate Roku streaming stick.
  • After login in your Roku account at can select channels and also subscribed that channel also and add that channel into your RokuTV account.
  • Always keep in mind that anytime you need to use to add Roku activation code.
You can also connect all devices for that you need to select the Input source and then you can connect in with your Roku TV. When you complete the setup of Roku TV then it says All Done. After complete setup you can press the home button on your Remote control and the Home screen will welcome you.
One of the best option on your Roku TV that is Pause Live TV. The Roku Tv has the ability to pause, reward and forward options. You can pause live tv for up to 90 minutes.
For that, you need to connect your TV with the internet and a dedicated USB drive should be connected with your Roku TV with a size of at least 16 GB. You need to enable a live pause option in Roku TV system Settings.
After successfully setup done of the Roku TV stick then you can enjoy and watch all your free and subscribed channels. The Roku app is also available for Android and IOS devices. You can also use a screen mirroring option and watch the same channel in your Android devices as well.
There are many types of Roku streaming Devices Available.
  1. Roku Streaming stick Plus
  2. Roku Premiere Device
  3. Roku TV
  4. Roku Express
You can use the same method to activate all Roku devices by then watch and enjoy Roku TV.