Set up Process

Roku device is available in different shapes and models. You can buy any shape and model. It’s very easy to install Roku Setup at home using simple steps.

  • Streaming Stick
  • Remote Control
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Battery
Step 1.
Establish physical connectivity. Locate the HDMI port available on Roku TV. Plug the Roku into the HDMI port. The same can also be connected with extender HDMI cable. With the help of the TV remote select the source input signal, select the HDMI port in which Roku device connected.
Step 2.
Install the battery on to the remote & check if the green LED is flashing. In order to provide power the Roku device with the help of USB, connect the USB cable either to the TV or with its own power adapter and the adapter should be connected to the wall or any electricity source. As soon as the device is powered, the Roku logo with appearing in your TV Screen. Select Language and initiate 1st set up process.
Step 3.
Connect to the Internet: the list of Wi-Fi lists will display & select your own Wi-Fi & connect with the security key now the Roku player software will update with the latest features and channel automatically.
Step 4.
Activating Roku Player: Create your Roku account & Activate Roku device online by entering the key. It will update the channel list also add channels or subscriptions with your Roku account.