www.roku.com/link – Activate Roku Channels

www.roku.com/link – Roku provides many lots of channel in Roku device like TV, streaming box etc. You can see many Roku channels at home. It’s subscription service both like premium or free subscription.

Roku is a one of the best streaming products in world. It’s cost very less. If are you activate Roku channels through www.roku.com/link, then let’s follow all guide given below:-

How to Activate Roku Channels through www.roku.com/link?

  1. First, on your Roku TV screen, visit the Streaming Channels choice
  2. Here you will find a variety of channels and app which you can then add to your device
  3. To do so, just select each icon and then press the OK button on your device remote
  4. Finally, the channel is added to your device
  5. Access the Roku TV and Movies genre channel store
  6. Search for and locate the channel and then, select the ADD CHANNEL option
  7. Now, you are redirected to the Roku.com/link account log in page
  8. Use your credentials (username and password) and then open your Roku.com/link account.
  9. After that, depending on your account settings, include your Roku account PIN.

Roku Channels List

  1. Netflix
  2. Tubi TV
  3. Hulu
  5. CBS
  6. Pandora
  7. Amazon Prime Video