Got a new Roku? Here’s how to set it up

Roku launched a new device like a streaming stick plus and Roku ultra box. Roku product knows in the market and based on their performance and good price.

we provide easy steps for the new Roku device set up process.

Step 1: Plugin to HDMI and power

First, connect your Roku device like a streaming stick or a box. After this, connect the USB power cable to the streaming stick plus plug it into the HDMI slot of Roku TV.

The volt power of the USB input on your TV must be at least 5 volts. Which gives your stick a better performance.

If your streaming stick is not able to access the HDMI port of the TV, then you can use the HDMI extender.

Now select the input of the new Roku plugged into the TV and turn on your TV.

Step 2: Pair the remote

In this step, you will have to prepare the interface of Roku. So that the user has no problem in viewing. For this, you should pair the remote with Roku.

Step 3: Going through the process

you will be asked to connect to wifi. Just except Roku Ultra box or if you plugged in via Ethernet, you will not need to connect.

Display on your TV
After the update is processed, an HDMI connection image will appear on your screen and the TV will auto-detect, you have to click ok, go to automatic.
TV control setup
To control the TV, you need a remote with a Roku, so you can install it now.
With this, you can easily sync the volume and power control with the TV.
Click OK and follow the instructions.
Linking your Roku account
You have to link the Roku account with your device so that you can use it easily.
You go to through a web browser on a computer, smartphone or tablet. After this, you will see the code displayed on the TV and enter it.