How to create a Roku account using the website or mobile app?

Roku account is created in two ways, first on the Roku website and second by using Roku mobile app and it is easily created.

The Roku account is used when you set up and activate the Roku device and watch the Roku channel. After creating a Roku account, you can enjoy the Roku channel on a smart TV, computer and phone.

Roku account set up process very easy. you can follow it's instruction and setup for configuring your Roku device.
For this, you can visit the website and create a Roku account. or install the mobile app.

 How to create a Roku account in a www browser

1. Visit this link
2.  Now, this step you need to create an account.
3. Fill your account details.
4. Click to continue for a complete account.

How to create a Roku account using the mobile application.

  •  To create a Roku account on mobile, download and install the Roku app.
  •  Open the Roku app.
  •  Click on the "more" tab section.
  •  Click on "create a free account".
  •  Before click on the "submit" button, you fill the device and account information and details.