How to connect your Roku device to Google Assistant?

Connect Roku to google assistant and control voice commands.

If you have a device of Google Nest or if you have a Google Assistant app on your phone, then you can control voice from Google to Roku Media Player.

After setting up the media player, you can easily control all functions, manage like play, pause, fast forward/backward, start channels, search by genre, adjust volume, and more.

you can use it as an option. And one important information, not all channels from Google Assistant can have voice control like Netflix.

Step by step guide for how to connect your Roku media player to Google Assistant.

  • Open the Google Assistant app.
  • Go to “Devices” Menu to open the Devices tab.
  • Now, add your device page.
  • Go to and press “Link a smart home device.”
  • This step needs to log in Roku account, then press “Accept and Continue” to give permission to Google to connect to the Roku.
  • You have completed all steps then click “Link to the Google app.” Then you can enjoy it.